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Running, triathlon and nutrition!
by ironmom
My name is Jolinda, I am 33 years old, married and mom of an 8 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.
5 years ago I couldn't run for a minute. I was overweight, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and was anything but fit and healthy. I was always tired and lethargic.
I had to change!

I started running and it changed my lifestyle, I lost 20 pounds and now i'm running (ultra) marathons, I do Ironman 70.3 events and I finished 2 Ironman 140.6's!

(For who is not familiar with a full distance Ironman; that's 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and then running a marathon (42.2 km). All this in 1 day, without a break.)

"You are an Ironmom!" my daughter said jokingly after I finished my first full Ironman,  so that's where the name:
"By Ironmom" comes from. :) 

I took up a study in nutrition and sports nutrition and may now call myself a nutritionist!
I have also followed and successfully completed the Ironman Certified Coach course and I took the TrainingPeaks essential and advanced course. 

I think it is GREAT to be able to pass on my knowledge and experiences and to make others enthusiastic about exercise in general,  help people get a better understanding of (sports) nutrition,  teach people how to run faster and further and coach triathletes towards their triathlon goals!

In 2019 I started in my first 12-week running group in which I guided people from 0 to 5 kilometers, and with success!
From there it got bigger and more people got enthusiastic and now I coach 40 runner on all levels;  from 0 to 5k, to runners completing a full (42.2k) marathon!
I made 6 different 12 week running programs for all levels, which can be followed in real life on the island or online. 

As an Ironman Certified coach I coach all level triathletes, from athletes looking to complete their first (super) sprint triathlon to age group athletes competing in a full distance Ironman event.

Scroll down this page to find more information about the:
 Run clubs (NL),
 Online Run programs (NL/EN)
Triathlon coaching ( NL/EN) 
Nutrition coaching (NL/EN)
Send a whatsapp message to +5999 5206961 or send a message via my facebook page.
Zero to five k. 
Tired of feeling out of breath after 1 flight of stairs, have you always wanted to run but have no idea where to start?
Or have you started many times but are you unable to find the right stride  or breathing technique?
Then the 12 week 0 to 5 kilometer course is for you!

A new group starts a few times a year, send me a message to register or start right away with the online variant.

Are you already able to run 5k but would you like to improve your time? 
The 5k keep on running program might be the perfect fit for you!
Do you run 5 kilometers within 45 minutes and would you like to increase your running distance?
Then the five to ten k course is for you!
In 12 weeks you train from running 5 kilometers to running 10 kilometers. You do this through 3 training sessions per week.

A group starts several times a year, but it is also possible to follow this training online on your own.
Run! by Ironmom
Do you dare to take on the challenge of a half or full marathon?
Then this is your group!
This 12 week training program is for the runner who can run 10 kilometers without stopping.

In 12 weeks you train responsibly towards a half or full marathon.

A group starts a few times a year, send me a message to register or start the online training right away! 
Tri! by Ironmom
All level triathlon coaching.
Are you looking to finish your first (super) sprint triathlon or are you a competitive age group full distance athlete?
Tri by Ironmom provides you with coaching tailored to your needs and goals.  

Training for a triathlon is time and energy consuming, but SO much fun!
 That's why smart training and great planning are a must to achieve your individual goals. 
I don't work with a standard plan. Everybody and every body is different, let's use this in you advantage! 

Contact me to see if we are a match!
Food! by Ironmom
Are you ready to take control over your health and weight?
Have you tried many diets but haven't found a sustainable way to eat and drink?
Or are you looking for nutrition coaching to improve your athletic performance?
As a certified nutritionist I can help you understand your body's needs and advice you to meet your nutritional goals!

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